March 26, 2023

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The streets of Moroni were deserted for fear of restrictions


Vaccination against Kovit has been mandatory in the Comoros since Thursday, December 23rd. Anyone who is controlled by the police without a renewed vaccination card will be taken to Gendermary to be vaccinated. Five days of paid leave was granted by presidential order to allow everyone to return to their native places to receive the vaccine. Despite the strict and often unannounced restrictions, some still refuse to bite.

With our correspondent in Moroni, Preach in the garden

Voices are being raised on social media to condemn non-compliance with vaccine efficacy rules. We do not test for culprits when we make sure we do not have the virus to vaccinate.

A denier explains himself.

I did not get vaccinated because here in the Comoros, we do not even know what his condition is. Now, should we be vaccinated? The government is suing us to get vaccinated !? If I see them, I will run away because I am not vaccinated. I’m staying in Moroni and will not pick up the car anymore. I know all the ways, so I can run immediately

For others it is a question of individual freedom.

I was not vaccinated. I’m not sick, so I’m not going to inject sick. I still do not understand this story of taking medicine before getting sick. Since I was born, the logic is: you’m not sick, you’re going to the hospital. But no : You are fine and going to the hospital. If they take me to Gendermary, I have no idea how I would do it. But as long as I am independent, I will not vaccinate on my own

Tests should continue for at least 48 hours.

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