May 30, 2023

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The trial of Thomas Sankara’s assassination resumes in Burkina Faso

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Beginning on October 11, the trial was postponed from day one in order to allow more time to prepare for safety. On the part of the civil parties, hope and impatience are intertwined.

In this case, there are 14 defendants, two of whom are not: Blaise Campora, former Burkina Faso leader and friend of Thomas Sankara and Hyacinthe Kafando, his particular defense chief. It is suspected that Blaise Campora ordered the murder and Hyacinth Kafando carried it out. Thirty-four years after the truth, The beginning of this investigation is of historical significance. Postponed from day one, resumes this Monday.

On this second day, the parties must announce their exceptions. It is, above all, the question of exposing a potential flaw in a dismissal or cancellation of all or part of the process. This is a completely classic extension method, and since the trial file is over 20,000 pages thick, it can take several days to reveal all the exceptions.

Hope and disappointment among civil parties

We are confident, we have been ready for a long time and the instruction is well attached », Sankara family lawyer Ambroise confirms Pharma. ” The National Reconciliation Forum is scheduled for January, and no one wants to drag things out », Adds a source close to the case.

Smokey’s same assertion, Citizen Broom spokesman.

We know that the lawyers of these people will do everything possible to delay the trial as much as possible. […] If we can wait 34 years, the important thing is that the law is told and the right decision is made. It is a symbolic, historical file, important not only for Burkina Faso but also for the African continent. […] This makes it possible to reopen other files in drag, not only during the so-called revolutionary period, but I am talking about all the economic and blood crimes that have taken place since the 1960s. With little faith in their justice in Burkina Faso, we must set an example […] Even if it is painful to punish all criminals.

On the family side, however, we are impatient. Although predictable, the dismissal at the beginning of the trial affected morale. ” We know this is a marathon, so we say every kilometer counts, but it will be a long time The victim’s relative resolves.

Another disappointment: the confirmation of the absence of Blaise Compore and Hyacinth Kafando. Both defendants had ten days from October 11 to appear in court. This period has expired, so they will be judged in their absence. Overthrown by a popular uprising in 2014, the former president now lives in C டிte d’Ivoire. His lawyer, Madre Pierre-Olivier Sur, confirms that he will not come.

We do not have the file yet, so we are not able to secure it within the framework of what is called a fair trial. Also, who would accept that a lawyer can come to trial without declaring the charges against his client and without access to the file? […] This is a fraud investigation. If we do not receive a copy of the file we will not be charged with cowardice for not appearing for trial.

Master Pierre Oliver Sur

Thomas Sankara, a former president and leader of the revolution, was assassinated on October 15, 1987, along with twelve of his associates.

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