December 10, 2022

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The Turkish army was not ready to leave, nor was the Russian paramilitary

There is a Turkish military presence in Libya “A Power of Stability”Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for the Turkish president, said on Saturday (November 13), the day after French President Emmanuel Macron called for the withdrawal of Turkey and Russia. “Mercenaries and Army Forces”.

“Sometimes our allies raise this issue as if Turkey’s presence is a major problem in Libya. It is not. (…) We are a force for stability and to help the Libyan people.”, Said a Turkish spokesman. “Our soldiers are under an agreement with the Libyan government., He continued.

Turkish army and Russian paramilitaries

The spokesman for the Turkish president also raised the question “attempts” Western nations to withdraw Wagner, Russian subsidiary from Libya.

Wagner, a Russian mercenary, is there. I do not know what our friends and allies in Europe are doing about this Wagner left Libya?, He asked.

The International Conference on Libya was ratified in Paris on Friday “Libyan plan to expel foreign troops and mercenaries”. According to the French president’s palace, Elysee, several thousand Russian mercenaries – members of a private group called Wagner, pro – Turkish Syrians, Sadians and Sudanese – are still in Libya.

But Turkey showed no urgency in withdrawing its troops. The Kremlin denies sending troops or mercenaries to Libya and denies any contact with the Wagner group.

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First “Withdrawal of 300 Mercenaries”

The first step was taken yesterday (…) with the announcement of the withdrawal of 300 mercenaries.“Emmanuel Macron underlined during a press conference, in the service of the strong man camp of the eastern Libyan caliph Haftar.

But this is only the beginning: Turkey and Russia must withdraw their mercenaries and their military forces without delay, as their presence threatens the stability and security of the country and the region as a whole.“, He added.

There are several reservations on the Turkish side. It’s a good thing we see the first withdrawal, and that’s an example. Things have startedGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference in Paris.