March 26, 2023

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The undocumented workers were cheated by their employer


The manager of a waste collection company in le-de-France has extorted money from his employees under irregular circumstances. 10% of salary for work. Two former undocumented employees complained.

He is 25 years old and looks ten years younger. Malலே is angry. Earlier in the year, a friend encouraged him to apply to a waste collection company in -le-de-France. But at the time of recruitment, the manager realizes that the young man, Mauritanian, has no papers. He then offered her a contract.

He told me, “What we are going to do now is, life is a give and take. You will start work and at the end of the month you will give me 10% of your salary“It was amazing to me, I said”But how do I do that?“I finally agreed.

10% of salary, which is equivalent to at least 150 euros per month. Netjif Malian describes his surprise when he too was subjected to this threat. ” When they gave it to me, I had no choice. In fact they fascinated me and it gave me surprise and surprise. I still insisted, I said no, they said “Like, you take it or you leave. A lot more people are waiting, and if you do not want to, you can look for work elsewhere. I was like, “OhQ, no problem, I pay

Both complained. Today they do not work for the company. For his part, Netflix did not want to stop there. ” Let justice be done, that is what I am waiting for, let justice be done. ⁇

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Chepur says it knows nothing about this type of practice. It states that the persons concerned will be dismissed if the convicted facts are proved.

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