June 1, 2023

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The United Nations wants to revive “a real political movement” in the country.

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UN Members of the delegation met with the leader of the change, Colonel Azimi Costa, and members of civil society, as well as representatives of armed groups involved in the peace process. For their part, the UN. The ambassadors sent messages.

With our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

In front of their various Malian orators, members UN Security Council Committee He emphasized the need for political change, especially in Mali. “ We have told various commentators that the best change is the short change. To explain Abdu Abari, Niger’s ambassador to the UN. If we cannot object to the reforms, the change sheet should not be delayed too long.

Security Answer ” Not enough

The Malian authorities have made no secret of the fact that the February 2022 deadline to hold presidential and legislative elections may be postponed. The Malian government maintains the organization of national meetings in Bamako at the end of December before turning it into a general election calendar.

UN on field trip Another concern of diplomats: “ As with many crises of this type, the safety response is obviously necessary, but not adequate. The resumption of a genuine political movement and the restoration of peace everywhere must of course be a priority on both sides. , Considers Nicolas de Rivier, French Ambassador to the UN

A report on this visit will be submitted to the United Nations Security Council, which will provide advice.

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