May 30, 2023

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The visit of a military representative to Israel is controversial

Seen from Khartoum, this is a highly controversial visit because the Sudanese delegation is known as Hemati, the brother of Mohammed Hamdan Tagalov. The latter was vice-president of the Sovereign Council and commander of a powerful paramilitary force in Sudan. His brother was with several officers, including the head of the Sudanese defense ministry.

This secret visit comes at a time of high tension between the public and the soldiers, just weeks after the failed conspiracy attempt. It was angered for no apparent reason by Foreign Minister Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi.

For many Sudanese analysts, good relations with Israel serve the interests of generals who share power with the public. They remove them from the document and try to create their own military and security agenda with the Hebrew government.

However, the position of the public-led government is clear: there will be no effective normalization of relations with Israel until this decision is passed by the interim parliament. However, Sudan does not yet have a parliament. It’s been almost two years.

For almost a year now, Sudan has been embroiled in a frightening process of normalizing its relationship with the Jewish state. A good relationship started by former US President Donald Trump. The United States has stipulated that Sudan be removed from the list of countries that support terrorism.

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