June 1, 2023

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The woman, who was traveling by train in Pennsylvania, was watching passive passengers

A man raped a woman On a train from Pennsylvania, USA, on October 13 at 11pm in a line of the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). Several passengers on the train were seen sexually abusing the victim, but did not intervene, said Timothy Bernhardts, police commissioner in Upper Dorby, Pennsylvania.

The inaction of the witnesses is particularly shocking, the police officer testified. “I have no words for that. I can not imagine what you see with your eyes without you coming forward to help her. Even if not “Dozens of people” In the cart, he continues, there were enough people to act “Collectively”. A SEPTA employee reported the attack by dialing the US number 911 for all emergencies. This allowed agents of the transport company to intervene and stop the suspect.

Report hazards

This scene was filmed by the train’s surveillance camera. The attacker, 35, sat down next to the victim and tried to start a conversation. He became aggressive after a few minutes and harassed the woman who rejected his progress. Septa spokesman Andrex Bush said the man tore her clothes before raping her.

In the surveillance video, Timothy Bernhard says there is enough evidence to rape the attacker. With his team, they try to identify the people in the cartInterview any witnesses.

A Septa spokesman said the attack could have been stopped earlier if passengers had called 911. Transportation Company “Anyone who observes a crime or dangerous situation is urged to report it.” Anyone who sees an emergency should call 911 immediately, He added.

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The victim was taken to hospital for treatment for injuries sustained during the attack.