March 26, 2023

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Thousands of activists rallied in support of the military regime


A dump meeting in support of the Interim Military Council was held on Saturday, January 22 at the largest stadium in the capital. Thousands of Saadians responded to a call from the leader of the National Movement for Chad Change (MNCT), the party of Mohammed Ahmed Lasina, a former opponent of the late head of state, who rallied to the military junta that appointed the Minister of the Environment. Purpose of this meeting: To invite all Sadians to participate in the all-inclusive national dialogue announced on February 15th. Prior to that, a meeting with political-military leaders was planned in Doha, but it was slowly arranged.

With our correspondent in Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

Thousands of activists, drivers and camel riders responded to the call of the leader of the national movement for change in Chad. On stage, artists play traditional music and comedians perform a show. With the theme of living together.

Haroon Moussa Younes, a youth representative, applauds: “ We need to support the dialogue. It will allow us to live together. We are fed up with the so-called Sadians from the north and those from the south. We are all castes.

Then, in an impeccable white poobo, Mohammed Ahmed goes to the Lasina stage and invites all the Sadians, including the leaders of the rebel groups, to take part in the conversation. ” Bury the chicks .

The Minister of Environment also sent a message without mentioning his name Masra wins, Head of Transformers. ” I especially invite my younger brother, who presided over the meeting here a few weeks ago, not to be on the sidelines of the inclusive national dialogue, but to participate in it. Because he has good ideas and initiatives to contribute during this conversation.

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If not for this meeting ” A show of strength According to the minister, many see this as a reaction to the transformers that filled the stadium two weeks ago.