February 2, 2023

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Twenty people were arrested after a double attack in Kampala


On Thursday, November 18, two days after a double attack in Kampala that killed four people, Ugandan police said they had shot dead five suspected members of the ADF, Allied Democratic Forces. 21 suspects have been arrested across the country.

Two days later, on Thursday, Ugandan police released an update on their investigation Double comics attack in Kampala. Local police suspect the ADF, a group of Ugandan Muslim insurgents, of being behind the alleged attacks by the Islamic State group.

Four suspected members of the ADF are said to have been killed in a shooting in Ndoroko, west of the country, near the Congo border. A fifth suspect is said to have been shot dead on the outskirts of Kampala while trying to escape from a prisoner: a Muslim leader, according to police, took part in the Kampala uprising. அ.தி.மு.க In the capital.

A Ugandan law enforcement spokesman said 21 suspects had been arrested during raids over the past two days. ” Functional agents, coordinators and fundraisers of terrorist activities “, He explained.

Finally, 13 people, including six women and children, were reportedly arrested in Enteroco, west of the country, where most of the ADF cells were located, on the other side of the border, which had been operating in the DRC for 25 years. , And recently joined the Islamic State Committee.

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