December 7, 2022

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Two children were swept away by a massive hurricane while taking a bath

Hurricane Dec. 10 wreaked havoc in Kentucky. The natural disaster claimed many lives, but even miracles, including these two children.

On the night of December 10 to 11, the US state of Kentucky, enjoyed A series of devastating hurricanes. Authorities say the damage and the number of people is very high. “The worst storm in Kentucky history“.”Six workers were killed in an Amazon warehouse“, The Mirror reports, But they are not alone. Dozens of victims, including small children, died during the hurricane. However, the hurricane survived Some miracles, including Clara Lutz’s grandchildren.

Friday evening, December 10, “Clara Lutz bathes her two grandchildren in Kentucky with blankets, pillows and a Bible“, Reports Local12. Grandma Clara Lutz, 15-month-old baby Caden and 3-month-old baby Dallas, said she felt it. The house is shaking As well as a growl. “LAfter a while, the tank rose and I lost my hands. I could not bear itShe said. She lost sight of the tank and the children. All she could do was beg: “Lord, please bring my children to me safely and healthily. Please“, She said.

Outside the bathtub the grass landed upside down

Discovered by Caden and Dallas’ grandmother Trough upside down on grass With two children living in it. While she was waiting in the sheriff’s car, the sheriff and his team brought the children to her. “There was a big oyster on the back of a baby’s head and we didn’t know what was wrong“, Grandma continues, Clara Lutz said there was bleeding in the baby’s brain. But after being taken to the hospital he recovered quickly.

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