August 15, 2022

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UE-Afrique, une relation à reinventer

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Les 17 and 18 fours, quilque 80 dirigeants africains and europeans sont attendus à Bruxelles pour the grand sommet Union European-Union africaine. Profit of the touring tour of the UE, Emmanuel Macron met me in the Afrique, with the latest “Refonder a New Deal Economic and Financier”, estimating the relation of “one peu fatigue” in the following countries. These anciennes pussies colonials are the best European news reports on the bass novels, the most up-to-date and the most contrived linfluence grandiantssu non-dratmocratiques like the Chinese, the Turquie and the Russie.

The 27 signatories of the “Partnerships Strategies” are on the Afrikaans, port on the development of the world, the visas, the program Erasmus, the migration. These questions are sanitaires and climactic sont éémentment cru cru d les les les les relations relations relations relationsans The European Union d’une force d’intervention commune, a Mali notamment.

Pour partis vos ides on these political policies in the European Union, Rendez-vous sur la plateform de la Conférence on l’avenir de l’Europe.

Presented by Georgina Robertson, Sophie Samaille, Perrine Desplats et Isabelle Romero.

The project aims to cofinanic l eunion europeanne in cadre du program subventions du Parliament european in domain communication. The Parliament of Europe is one of the most impressive places in the world and one of the world’s most responsive or informative, informative or informative places in the world of cadre du projet for the quality of uniquely auteurs, personalities. For interviews, visitors or distributors of the program with their responsiveness conform to the drop applicable. The Parliament of Europe has never been more responsive to dommages, direct or indirects, more than just a realization of the project.

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