June 1, 2023

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UN sanctions against Mali The Security Council is split


UN The Security Council reviewed the situation in Mali on Tuesday, January 11.

During the meeting, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Mali. The representative explained to the Security Council and reminded the 15 members of the situation. National Renaissance Conference And their results, the announcement of the interim authorities to postpone the presidential election until the end of 2026, ECOWAS Reaction and Announced Inhibitions.

According to him, the organization will continue to work with Malian authorities, ECOWAS and the AU to break the deadlock. Above all, “ Support for change is part of Minusma’s mandate “, He recalled.

The 1,000 additional Sadien peacekeepers accepted by Bamako should allow the force a little more flexibility. But not so much IOur New York correspondent reports that council members have complained that the security climate in Mali is deteriorating in memory of the 28 peacekeepers who fell in 2021. Gary Notton.

During the meeting, council envoys listened to a presentation by young Malian civil society activist Adam Diko, after which everyone had the opportunity to speak. France, Great Britain and the United States rejected the 5-year change in Mali and supported the sanctions announced by ECOWAS.

“Mali stands alone in the face of all these terrorists.”

For their part, Russia and China begged not to interfere in Mali. In line with the announcement by the leader of the change, Azimi Koita, Bamako’s representative also condemned it. “Illegal and illegal From ECOWAS.

Russia’s Representative Vasily Nebenzia announced the strong sanctions imposed by ECOWAS. “Under the current circumstances it would be irresponsible for this country to postpone its fate, especially in reducing military and socio-economic assistance to this country.” The imposition of sanctions against this country, which is already facing many difficulties, could further worsen the situation of the public. .

Has responded to ongoing controversies The presence of mercenaries from his country in Mali.In the context of the unexpected change in the presence of France (In Mali)Mali stands alone in the face of all these terrorists, especially as many sites are closed, and in this regard, we believe that Mali has every right to cooperate with other allies who are willing to cooperate with these countries to strengthen security. “With that in mind he announced” Western nations want to have a monopoly on the provision of services “In Mali.

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Speaking at length on behalf of the three African countries, Gabon’s ambassador called on the entire international community to support ECOWAS’s position, but the council, which concluded on Wednesday evening, failed to make a joint statement.

France and the European Union support West African sanctions against military rule

The French president recalled France’s support for ECOWAS and UEMOA during a press conference in Élysée with Charles Michel, President of the European Council. EU foreign ministers will discuss support for ECOWAS with the Malian regime in its new conflict on Thursday and Friday.

UEMOA and ECOWAS have provided a very clear and firm position with unprecedented sanctions on a country in the region, which represents a deep condemnation of the abuses of the military junta. We support the position of UEMOA and ECOWAS. By the end of this month, a formal meeting of our Ministers will be held to ensure that the EU and all its developing nations come to this conclusion with sanctions. We are in complete agreement with the very bold and clear position put forward on Sunday.

French President Emmanuel Macron at a press conference

In addition, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the head of French diplomacy, who was arrested in the National Assembly, declared: ” Military junta officers are to take their responsibilities and get out of the difficult situation they are in. “, Before adding it” I hope the EU supports the results and understands our commitment to military rule .