March 26, 2023

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Une institution at l’union africaine rejette la note spiculative accordi par Moody’s on la dette du Ghana

) On the basis of l’analyase this mime is for the government and not experts’ notation of the notation, the conclusions sont juges «Inappropriées.

The revision of the lexicon pairs pairs, an institution rattachi à l’union africaine (UA), a special pertinence of the note spiculative accord with the notation of Moody’s on the detaine internationals du Ghana.

«Moody’s devrait examiner l’appel internet for the governing government’s Ghana contre une degradation inexacte de la credit note, as the provocation of the prodigies and the tools utilisse for the passage of the credentials of the diverminer notes, peut-on-line in the communications of the institution.

I’m not sure about the novelty of the novel’s a breath of fresh air in Ghana’s ever a connoisseur parfaite de la situation. Linstitution diplore enfin, un jugement rapide qui pour coiter cher au governmente pays. In the 4fvrier, Moody’s public discourse on the note souvenir du Ghana estimates quote posit a new life risk, the nature of compromising a reimbursement facile.

Sur base based donations collectibles from the Banque center of Ghana, Moody’s real estate which publishes the public’s devotional attendance of 83.4% of his producing intrigue brut (PIB). This provision is au-dessus seouil communicator que sest fix la la CEDEAO, dont est membre, saver 70%. In mime temps, on note that these 5 current capacities are governed by mobilization of resources. These donations are based on Moody’s Sont presents on the site. le site Internet in the Banque center of Ghana.

Dance a contemporary où linflation is the new au-dessus of 10% and which co ft finance est élivé, lgrgir l’assiette fiscale is a choix diffile for government. These options quot your explors à travers notamment la taxi on the transactions financiers digitals ont conduit disp des disputes entre députs, lors dunene séns parlentiire.

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In these quests rest in government, in 2023, devra choisir entre rembursors with quitte quitte 60% of their budget pass or budget a mere unequivocal niche sausage ire the fundamental economics of justification répartition des richesses. The action describes the notation fait more plus and more critiques in Afrique.

It’s the latest blockbuster product from the world, and it’s the latest blockbuster product from Africa. Contraro, des pays as Etats-Unis or ceux de la zone euro, or these bien des minages which are 100% of the most accessible PIB, on the following millions of notations.