March 25, 2023

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Une quarantine of terrorists implications in the actions of Parc W and Bainin neutralizations by Barkhane

(Agence Ecofin) – Le Bainin is the source of the Cable de Raids frontaliers mens for groups of groups terrorists based on pays voices. The government announces an unprecedented reproach, and pours out amené à collaborators with force Barkhane.

The mission Barkhane attaches jewis 10 fivrier des armies terrorists, dont respond responsibly des agresions 8 and du 9 au parc naturel en territoire binoinois. Son état-major a fait un bilan dune quarantaine de djihadistes neutralize », Et 10 motos plus one pick-up ditruits.

The Cibles ont été repurchase aux alantours in the frontier of Burkina Faso, and frappies à 4 replies for avions chasseurs Mirage 2000 ainsi drone Reaper. On ignore toughers à quell organization elles appartenaient. In the semaine, Barkhane avait djàj attacé des positions terrorists terrorists au nord du Burkina.

Certaines regions frontalier du nord-Bainin subissent depuis quelquis mois des attaques qui inquiitent la population. Else on djjà causé pr 15s of 15 morts, dont 9 this time. Enter the regions à the presence of the terrorist marquee, which pays off immediately after the search.

The government binninois a ten session extraordinaire with the autonomous millennials to discourage the situation and prenders the appropriate messages.

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