March 25, 2023

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United Nations Ambassador Jean-Pierre Lacrois tests the anger of Beni residents

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United Nations Secretary-General Jean-Pierre Lacroix, who is in charge of peacekeeping operations, arrived in Beni yesterday and assessed the security situation in the region, where thousands of people have been killed in almost eight years.

With our Special Correspondent in Beni, Pascal Mulequa

The Vice President of the United Nations was listening to the Congolese security forces and civil society organizations. Discussed for more than an hour in a tent in the Monusco district to find out the security situation.

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Civil society, for example, feels less at the Monusco (FIB) intervention force theater as peacekeepers recorded the largest attack on their base in 2017, causing a dozen deaths in their ranks. Brigadier General Bertin’s Commander of the Congolese Army’s Sukhola 1 Operations has not confirmed to the RFI.

This official did not reduce his words during the meeting with the UN official. According to him, cooperation between the military and the UN mission supports the Congolese military on fuel, medical evacuations and rations due to delays in providing information by MONUSCO.

As for civil society, nothing will change

Another difficulty is that the unmanned army is fighting to occupy the whole of Beni. ” The terrain is vast and the Congo is huge. It is difficult to put a division into a village. I started a war patrol system, so between units. It sought to reduce the number of murders. Insurgents are attacking civilians in the absence of soldiers. It was like yesterday, we hit yesterday, and I was on the floor myself. We knocked, but when they searched they started harassing people because there were no players. », Explains Brigadier General Bertin Embutella.

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Nothing has changed in civil society over the years. The FARDC-Monosco alliance is high on defense. Jules Mathews, provincial ambassador for youth parliament, scored it in front of Jean-Pierre Lacroix: ” On the other hand, the people wanted the army and Monosco to pursue these enemies wherever they were. So no attacks have taken place without public warning. But we are in a vulnerable position and this mildness makes people lose their lives and property and even their heritage.

Losses intensified during the siege. Civil society is talking about the more than 1,000 civilians killed in five months in the Beni region and the neighboring province of Ituri. According to officials, the situation would have worsened without this exceptional move, which has been severely criticized by the military, the opposition and civil society organizations.