December 7, 2022

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US Treasury leadership imposes sanctions on military intelligence


Maj. Gen. Abel Condiho, head of military intelligence, is being targeted by US sanctions: the U.S. Treasury announced this Tuesday. Military assets are currently frozen in the United States. In issue: He is said to be involved in human rights violations cases.

With our correspondent in Kampala, Lucy Mylad

Under the command of Major General Abel Condiho, military intelligence officers arrested, detained and attacked civilians, according to the U.S. Treasury. Because of their nationality, political opinion and criticism of the government.

The United States has accused Ugandan intelligence of detaining these individuals without legal action and subjecting them to violence, including sexual abuse and electric shock.

Ugandan military spokeswoman Flavia Byquasso denied the allegations in a statement. Disappointment “Decision taken by non-aligned country” Fair trial In his opinion, an explanation will be sought from US officials.

Several human rights groups have condemned hundreds of abuses, including enforced disappearances, by military intelligence during the election last January.

In April, the home minister presented to parliament a list of 1,300 people arrested by police in connection with the election.

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