May 30, 2023

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Victor Orban condemns the EU’s “enemy” approach

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During a meeting in Budapest, the Hungarian prime minister on Saturday condemned the EU’s approach to his country and Poland.

Raise your voice. There are six months to the Assembly elections, which promises to be tight, Prime Minister Hungarian Minister Viktor Orban, The meeting in Budapest, on Saturday 23 October, condemned the attitude of the European Union towards the country and Poland, which according to him deserves the Soviet Union.

“The EU speaks to us and behaves like enemies with us and the poles,” he began in front of a crowd of sympathizers gathered at a national holiday rally commemorating Hungary’s uprising against the Soviet Union. 1956.

“It is good to understand that even the Brussels Communists have failed to get us. It is good that we are avoiding David Goliath,” he added, showing his support for Warsaw in the conflict in Brussels over the independence and priority of the courts. Of European law.

Several tens of thousands of people marched and marched through the streets of the capital before. Among those who took part in the march were people from Poland, waving the Polish flag, and even a sign declaring “Brussels = dictatorship.”

The closest war in April 2022

The 58-year-old sovereign leader, who has been a major challenger since 1998 and 2002 and since 2010, surprised the winner of the province’s conservative mayor and primaries with a major challenge last week. Opposite Sunday.

Experts predicted the closest war in April 2022, something not seen in many years like Victor Orban.

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The MPZ was gathering in Budapest for National Day and he gathered in front of about 5,000 people: “People were tired in 1956, they are tired today!”.

The Hungarian opposition was the first, the first in the country and a great success, Mr. Orban and his party rallied all six opposition parties in an effort to unite their forces in the face of an electoral system.

Victor Orban warned his voters against turning left – “No matter how disguised it is, only one thing remains” – he said – and publicly filtered the suspicion of foreign interference in the ballot.

“When we needed their help, they did not come. Now we do not ask them anything, they are there,” he added, appealing to the West in 1956 to help the Hungarians.

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