December 7, 2022

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Vital Kamerhe released on bail – Jean Africa

On Monday, December 6, the Cassation Court granted the former Commander-in-Chief of Felix Shisekedi a temporary release. He was sentenced to thirteen years in prison for corruption offenses.

Vital Kamerhe, who was sentenced to thirteen years in prison for corruption and fraud, benefited from a temporary release by a court of law on Monday, December 6. The information in has been confirmed Young Africa Judicial sources and by several relatives of Felix Shisekedi.

He was arrested on April 8, 2020, and on June 20, 2020, was sentenced to twenty years in prison for the first time. The Congolese judiciary has found the president guilty of embezzling more than $ 48 million to build community housing in one area. The so-called “hundred days” program. At the time, Felix Shisekedi’s powerful commander, Kamarhe Lebanese businessman Samih Jammal, was convicted along with his main accomplice, Genot Muhima Entoul.

“Political Affairs”

Magala was imprisoned. He was released from prison on August 23, 2020 for health reasons. Since then, Felix has been serving his sentence at the Nganda Clinic, the boss of the Confederate Union of Nations (UNC), one of Shisekedi’s allies, where he was approached by a few close associates and his family members. . Behind the scenes, Comerhe, who maintains a discussion channel with President Shisekedi, is actively pursuing a medical discharge.

The “100 Days” trial, condemned by Kamarhev’s supporters as a “political affair,” aired live on Congolese television, creating a number of tensions within the majority. The UNC has repeatedly demanded the release of its chairman. Detaining the latter would also threaten political consequences.

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