March 25, 2023

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Viva Technology et l’IFC present start-ups less plus innovative | Info Afrique


Viva Technology and the Societe financier international (SFI) have recently released the Top 45 desperate start-ups for the first edition of the AfricaTech Awards. This initiative panafricaine, soutenue par Proparco, vise à reconnecter and soutener these start-ups gentmergentines s l’origine in l’innovation et l’impact on development à travers continent in trois sectuers principas: la Tech FinTech et la Health Tech.

The 45 start-ups – 15 da chacune des trois categories du prix – You will find more than 300 candidatures in Nigeria, Europe, Kenya, the Democratic Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, Sudo and Maroc with more than a dozen participants. Dance lence assembled, FinTech is the category of most candidate candidates (124), live for Health Tech (95) and Climate Tech (93). About 60% of start-ups candidates are competing with a company in the administration.

The number and qualitative desatatures of the dynamics of the dynamic de la scine technologically africaine, which is the face of the high-end défis engendrés in the pandemie de COVID-19«, Souligne Makhtar Diop, Director General of the IFC.Ces prix aideront à mettre é lchechelle innovations in secteurs clés commemorate climate tech, la tech tech and fintech, which essentiel la croissance durable and inclusive continent.

The price of the quote category sermon announces the first prize at the AfricaTech Awards, which is the 2022 version of Viva Technology, which will be available 15 or 18 June in Paris. These start-ups are licensed under the Privacy Policy to access Viva Technology, the IFC and sponsors categories. Else accredit the govt às rencontres individually with leaders and cadres superiors as secteur in the technology.

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L’Afrique is one of the most talented and innovative novels, we present our most innovative entrepreneurs innovative participants in this premier edition of the AfricaTech Awards«, Dclarent co-presidents of Viva Technology, Maurice Lvy and Pierre Louette, and Directorate General Julie Ranty. ⁇ This is one of the most sought after start-ups africaines à fort impact and contributor in promoting leurs solutions vers travers continent and au-delà. ⁇

The 15 best start-ups in the category of FinTech, sponsored by Cassava Technologiescomprennent:

abela – Afrique du Sud

Applied Logic Ltd – Nigeria

Click2Sure – Afrique du Sud

Crop2Cash – Nigeria

DREAMCASH Cameroon SA – Cameroun

Duhqa – Kenya

eMaisha Pay – Ouganda

Franc – Afrique du Sud

ImaliPay – Kenya

Lipa Later – Kenya

Neqabty – Egypte

Popote pay – Kenya

Premiercredit – Zambie

Proxalys – Song

Singpay2022 – Gabon

The 15 best start-ups in the category of Health Tech, sponsored by Orangecomprennent:

Access Afya – Kenya

BokDoc – Egypte

Chefaa – Egypte

Keeplyna – Tunisie

Med – Tunisie

Meditect – Quatar

Primed E-Health – France, Nigeria et Ouganda

SonoCare Healthcare – Nigeria

The Aviro Pocket Clinic – Afrique du Sud

Vekta Innovations – Afrique du Sud

Vula Mobile – Dr W Mapham – Afrique du Sud

Wala Digital Health – Ghana

Welnes – Egypte

Zencey – Cte d’Ivoire

Zuri Health – Kenya

The 15 best start-ups in the category of Climate Tech, sponsored by New Energy Nexuscomprennent:


ARESS (Myjoulebox) – Bénin

ATLAN Space – Maroc

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Bekia – Egypte

Ipren Group – Nigeria

Easy Matatu – Ouganda

Eco-V GreenTower – Afrique du Sud

Farmtopia – Egypte

iShamba Limited – Kenya

Koolboks – France, Nigeria and 12 others

Kumulus – France et Tunisie

Seavo – Egypte

Sunpave – Egypte

The Awareness Company – Afrique du Sud

WEEE Center – Kenya


3 challenges Climate Tech, FinTech, Health Tech 312 candidatures 45 startup selections 3 grands gagnants annoncés à VivaTech en juin prochain Retrouvez top45 list ici