May 30, 2023

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Vivalia Hospitals is moving to Phase 1A

(Belka) Intercommunication Vivalia’s public hospitals (Marseille-en-Femen, Liebramont, Bostogne and Arlon) will switch to Phase 1A on Monday, meaning they will allocate 25% of intensive care beds to Govit-19 patients.

“This transition from Phase 0 to Phase 1A is in line with the recommendations of the Hospital & Traffic Rise Capacity (HTSC) Committee and justifies the increase in Govt-19 cases registered at our various hospital sites. There has been a clear upward trend in epidemiology and hospital data over the last ten days,” Vivalia As of Friday morning, 10 Govt patients (four in Arlon, three in Marlon, two in Marseille, two in Bostogne) and 19 Govt patients out of intensive care (six in Arlon, four in March, nine in Libermond) were admitted to hospitals in Luxembourg on Friday morning. After switching to, Covid patients will be assigned 10 intensive care beds, four Arlon, two Marseille, three Libermont and one Pastogne. ”This transition to Phase 1A will not disrupt the functioning of our hospitals: Patients and medical appointments are maintained, ”says Vivalia. Conditions for visits remain unchanged for now, but they will be reconsidered next week for possible adaptation. Currently, one person per patient (except Govit) and only one room per day, respects scheduled times. From November 1, all visitors over the age of 12 must submit their Govt Safe Ticket at the entrances of hospitals managed by Vivalia. (Belka)

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