December 10, 2022

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Washington warns Moscow against human rights abuses by its armed forces

AA / Washington / Siham L. Cowley

The United States on Thursday issued a warning to Russia against the consequences of human rights abuses by its forces in Kazakhstan, which has been plagued by days of civil unrest.

This comes from a statement from US State Department spokesman Netflix, in which Washington and the world “monitor Moscow’s operations in Kazakhstan and condemn any human rights abuses,” the US channel Al said. -Hurra “.

He said Washington was warning Moscow against any move that would “pave the way for the takeover of Kazakhstan’s companies, which is experiencing the popular opposition necessary to establish a state of emergency.”

At the request of Kazakh President Qasim-Jomar Tokaye, Russia’s Joint Coalition for Security (CTSC) announced on Thursday that it would send peacekeepers to Kazakhstan.

The protest movement began last Sunday in Kazakhstan against the rise in gas prices. Riots and riots broke out in the city of Almaty, resulting in loss of life.

Faced with unrest, the government announced its resignation on Wednesday, following which it imposed a state of emergency across the country to protect public safety, local media reported.

* Translated by Mourad Belhaj from Arabic

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