December 10, 2022

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“We are looking for the contents of your objectives”

AA / Ankara

The ministre turc des la Défense, Hulusi Akar, a clerk who forces his son avient prisse contrile totles les cibles priv ets avaient neutralis a grand nombere terrorists, in cadre de l’opiration “griffes-serre” débute in the new dimanche à lundi, in the Nord de l’Irak.

This is the first of its kind in the Diocese of Louis, Lundi, Tandis quorum, where hauts commandants de l’armée turku, the Dérolement de l’Operation militarie depu in the center commando l’armée de l’Arm. ‘air.

In the course of our visit to the center mention, Akar informs us of the details of the operation’s military milieu and the attaques men’s l’armée de l’air turque’s and ééalementmentment ééééé a vevec chefs miliiresres participant àop.

The Minister confirms that this operation is the military’s sscrit in the coder of l’limination of bastions of terror in the northeastern l’Irak and the securisation of frontiers’ turques.

I’ll add that the operation “griffes-serrure” is a very long process of preparation for preparation.

Akar azalea declared the helicopters turcs “Atak” and the drones ‘reconnaissance and armies’ command of the forces in the Lions operations on the train.

Il sait saver who forces his son avaient pris in controlling all the bible records and avaient neutralizing a grand number of terrorists.

“Search the search results in the passage of the passage, and on the site you will find the frequency of the diversions and the journeys”.

Lundi, la Turquie a dvelbutu a new l loperation “griffes-serrure” contre desléments terrorists PKK in the regions of Metina, Zap and Avashin-Basyan, in the Nordic l’Irak.

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