May 30, 2023

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Who are the new ministers appointed by Mamati Dambuwa?

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On Friday evening, October 22, a press release read on Public Television announced the appointment of the first three members of the interim government of Prime Minister Mohammed Bouquet, who was appointed on October 6. Three of the 27 posts have been filled (25 ministers and 2 general secretaries). Presentation of these new ministers.

Let us first take the appointment of Abboker Siddiqui Kamara as the Minister in charge of National Security. Nickname ” Idi Amin ”, He is known to be close to the head of the governing body. A graduate of the Paris War School, he is said to be highly respected within the military. He was expelled from Conakry by former President Alpha Conte, who was appointed ambassador to Cuba. A few days after seizing power, Abu Bakr Siddiqui Kamara made a significant comeback. Colonel Tumbuya.

Later, Bachchir was appointed to Diallo Defense and Civil Defense. He is a former security coordinator for Algeria. He is also a soldier and he is part of the President’s close circle. These two appointments to strategic ministries should, according to analysts, allow the release of the leader of a number of concerns.

Finally, Lupu Lama receives the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. He is a former National Director of Foreign Trade and Competitiveness in the previous Ministry of Commerce. Meeting ahead of the COP26 Summit scheduled for November 1 to 12 in Glasgow.

“When conspiracies are made, it is very difficult to have a government in everyone’s opinion. We have to deal with the military but the civilians, the political actors, the social actors …

Guinea – Fobana cabinet analyzes first appointments of interim government

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