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Why the Congo variation is of concern in France as well

5:33 pm, December 5, 2021

Delta and Omigron are not the only ones that worry French scientists. Another variant (B.1.640), discovered in late September in the Republic of Congo, was closely monitored for several weeks. So far, it has not been renamed the Greek alphabet and the World Health Organization does not view it as a variant of anxiety or curiosity. But Health Minister Olivier Véran already mentioned in mid-November. At the JD (U) this Sunday, Bruno Lina, a virologist and member of the Science Council, also announced his presence in France.

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“In France, Delta still dominates 99% of the scene, but we’ve been monitoring for three to four weeks. Another variant, B.1.640, was detected for the first time in the Congo and France. It also has significant transmission potential. Our European counterparts are constantly asking us for information about it.

About fifty cases have been identified in France

According to a “risk analysis” published by Public Health France on November 12, the B.1.640 variant has already been observed in several countries: Congo, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and the United States. “The cycle cannot be ruled out in other countries with low hierarchical capacity,” the authors noted. In France, the strain first appeared in Brittany in early October, “imported” by a Nantes traveler returning from the Congo. A few days later, scientists discovered eight cases of p.1.640 inside a cluster identified in Pannalek (Finister).

And from? “It is found almost everywhere in vaccinated children and people: in the Pacific region, in the Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps, Aquitaine and Il-de-France, explains Bruno Lina Parisian. According to the virologist, about fifty cases have been identified in France. “It’s spreading and circulating at the same time as the delta. It’s the country we bring the most,” the expert notes.

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