May 30, 2023

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World leaders besiege G20 summit in Rome

The greats of this world gathered at the G20 in Rome to deal with epidemics and global warming, yet did not lose their sense of humor and love of good food.

During the summit, which was surrounded by security measures that paralyzed the Italian capital, cameras were on French President Emmanuel Macron and his US envoy Joe Biden, who met face-to-face for the first time on Friday after Australian submarines.

Mr. with Boris Johnson on post-Brexit fishing rights. Macron has also had trouble in recent weeks. The British Prime Minister, who arrived late for the family photo, pretended to knock the French president, but they did not speak.

Mr. Johnson was in love with the President of the United States, and he called him “Hey, Joe!” Takes his place.

Mr Macron shook Mr Biden’s outstretched hand with both hands and gave him a familiar room. According to a White House official, Paris and Washington have reached a compromise, and the upcoming talks between Paris and Washington are designed to be “exciting.”

In a photo taken on Friday, Mr Biden can be seen sitting, leaning towards Mr Macron and simply pressing his hand to his thigh. In the absence of a peace tube, the two presidents, along with their wives, Jill and Brigitte, dined Friday at a small restaurant near Tiber.

For the first time, a family photo of the G20 was opened to doctors and firefighters at the front line during an outbreak, which was described by German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a “wonderful idea”.

On the Latin American side, too, it is time for peace. The presidents of Argentina and Brazil, Alberto Fernandes and Jair Bolzano, sworn allegiance to the political arena, exchanged a few football hoes.

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“You have not yet congratulated me on Argentina’s victory in the U.S. Cup,” Fernandes told Bolzano, who had publicly predicted that Brazil would beat Argentina 5-0 in the final.

– Pumpkin Risotto –

On Saturday evening, in the luxurious setting of the Guernal Palace, the residence of the former Pope and monarchs of Italy, the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Materella invites all heads of state to attend dinner. Eternal city.

On the menu: salmon, pumpkin risotto and stuffed artichokes. Prior to the banquet, the leaders’ wives and husbands had the privilege of personally touring the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican to admire Michelangelo’s paintings.

So far, there have been no restrictions on world-class safety, except for a minor crash on Friday in one of the 84 cars carrying the U.S. crew. “There are no serious injuries,” the White House promised immediately.

The historic center of Rome has been paralyzed by the stringent security measures put in place for the G20, especially in the suburbs of Eur, where meetings of leaders were held and signed inside a state-of-the-art building known as “The Cloud”. Archistar Massimiliano Fuchs.

The central part of the district, which dictator Benito Mussolini wanted to glorify fascism, is completely surrounded by its majestic architecture and its main roads are almost deserted.

Across the city, a demonstration led by a band of APPA band members demanded money from G20 leaders to help poor countries fight global warming. It remains to be seen whether their songs will reach the ears of the recipients.

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